Among awards competitions, what makes the TAG Global Spirits Awards stand apart? A legacy of credibility on the world stage. An acclaimed panel of truly international judges who specialize in the spirits they evaluate will determine outstanding performers within categories, and best in class.

Led by a celebrated trio of hosts whose decades of leadership runs deep in the beverage industry, what happened here in February will reflect the modern spirits marketplace, and shape the landscape for producers and consumers for years to come.


As we mark a return to public events, it’s hard to imagine going back to they way things were. That includes revisiting the tired mix of awards competitions that have become more about themselves than the spirits they judge.

With an international panel of hand-selected experts in individual spirits categories, the TAG Global Spirits Awards mark a powerful return to the craft of spirits and the impact they have on the marketplace.

As an award winner, your bottles and your brand will be represented in every corner of the industry in the United States and abroad, where you will be supported by our judges and the coveted certifications and medals from our Inaugural Event.

The TAG Awards simply set the highest standards by which to be recognized, and winning makes an extraordinary statement about your products.

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