“The only source of knowledge is experience.” — Albert Einstein. Experience can’t be purchased, it can’t be self-declared — it must be earned. TAG Global Spirits Awards’ leadership team is composed of four individuals whose sum experience exceeds 160 years. They have witnessed thousands of products being launched, classics being rediscovered, and new categories emerge. They have tracked the trends and fads and in some cases they created them.

TAG Global Spirits Awards was spawned to celebrate the world’s great and emerging spirits brands and those who create them. A new standard must be set. The spirits world deserves better than the tired mix of awards competitions that have become more about themselves than the spirits they judge. We invite you to join us on this journey.


TAG Global Spirits Awards operates with a fusion of technology, set of best-practices, and human talent. To this end we have assembled an international panel of hand-selected experts. A great spirits competition must have a collection of great spirits judges. We work tirelessly to fine-tune our procedures, innovating when necessary, and never forgetting that the products that we evaluate are the results of someone’s vision, sweat, and determination.

TAG Global Spirits Awards aims to change the way the industry and consumers view awards and accolades. The competition’s results are distributed in numerous industry and consumer channels. The winners are exalted by our team and the judges alike. A TAG Award is a recognition of excellence and a symbol to all that your product is among the world’s very best.

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