TAG Universal Spirits Glass

TAG Global Spirits Awards has partnered with Steelite International, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of award-winning tabletop and buffet solutions for the hospitality industry, to create the Ultimate Universal Spirits Glass, developed exclusively for this competition.

Working with RONA, one of the most renowned crystalline glassware manufacturers in the world, the TAG Awards created the ultimate glass for serving all spirits — from whiskey, brandy and rum, to vodka, tequila and mescal — showcasing the spirit exactly as the manufacturer intended it to be tasted.

Tony Abou-Ganim, celebrated mixologist and co-host of the event said, “When David, Julio and I designed this glass we considered each aspect that affects how a spirit presents itself from bowl opening to diameter and height. We also considered the foot and stem of the glass to ensure ease of use and overall comfort in hand. The glass that Steelite and RONA created is the best universal tasting glass I’ve ever seen in my decades of tasting spirits and judging events, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The Ultimate Universal Spirits Glass is one of many provisions the competition will rely on to ensure fair, consistent judging across each and every category.


Entries are closed for 2024.


Events are closed for 2024.
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