Sean Ludford has been involved in the beverage industry for more than two decades. He has an eclectic resume including stints at restaurants, a buyer at one of America’s top wine & spirit retailers, a writer & reviewer, importer/distributor, and a frequent judge at some of the world’s most prestigious wine, beer, and spirits competitions.

Today Sean focuses on writing, educating, and consulting. In 2006 he created (Beverage Experts) a lifestyle digital publication with a weighty beverage focus. BevX is a unique and independent voice in the world of wine, beer, and spirits punditry. Sean is also a regular contributor/columnist for industry print magazines.

Sean speaks regularly on topics as diverse as Whiskies, brewing, Old World Wines, classic cocktails, and the vineyards of ancient Rome. In his coveted spare time Sean enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, watching rugby, and seeking the perfect pint. If you see him out, buy him one.


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