Einstein on Experience

Einstein on Experience

Experience can’t be purchased, it can’t be self-declared — it must be earned. The TAG Global Spirits Awards’ leadership team is composed of four individuals whose sum experience exceeds 160 years. We have witnessed thousands of products being launched, classics being rediscovered, and new categories emerge. We have tracked the trends and fads and in some cases they created them.

TAG Global Spirits Awards leadership team is comprised of esteemed mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim, seasoned industry professional David Grapshi, the American ambassador of Mexico’s National Chamber for the Tequila Industry Julio Bermejo, and industry veteran Sean Ludford who has been a long time competition judge and competition manager.

TAG Global Spirits Awards was spawned to celebrate the world’s great and emerging spirits brands and those who create them. We take the time to position products in flights that allow them to shine and we match judges expertise to spirits. We examine our performance after every flight — we judge ourselves and we are not shy about showing products in multiple flights with multiple panels. Experience allows us to act decisively and even the unexpected can be expected.

A new standard must be set. The spirits world deserves better than the tired mix of awards competitions that have become more about themselves than the spirits they judge. We invite you to join us on this journey.


Entries are closed for 2024.


The TAG Awards competition includes various public and industry events.


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